4 yoga postures to beat stress and anxiety !

Yoga: beat stress and anxiety!

All yoga postures have specific meanings. To get rid of stress and anxiety , you need to listen to your body and release routine attitudes related to anxiety. Practicing regularly (better late in the day ) , and with a perfect mastery of postures, yoga helps the body to release all stress and anxiety . To develop positive attitudes for a calm mind and a good mood and to relax the body , free yourself with so few postures such as bending forward, the child , the butterfly, the half- candle .

Bending Forward

Bending ForwardThis posture improves blood circulation in the brain , relieves headaches , reduces fatigue and promotes good mood.

While standing, the arms alongside the body, feet slightly apart to hip width . Gently lean forward and drop the torso returning stomach. Catch your toes by the hands or put your hands flat on the floor. If the posture is too difficult (high tension on the legs or pain ) , bend your knees slightly . Stay in this posture for bout 10 minutes and breaths regularly. Return to the starting position by gradually moving up the back first, then the chest and finally , raise the head.

The child

Child poseThe child’s posture is a simple posture, and more than comfortable . It not only frees tension in the back , but relaxes the body and relieves nervous tension . More importantly, the child’s posture facilitates quiet breathing. Put your knees and hips on your heels. If the posture is tiring , slightly spread your ankles so you can sit between. Move forward to put your chest on your thighs. Extend the arms forward , palms flat on the floor. Stay in this posture for bout 10 minutes and breaths regularly.

The Butterfly

Butterfly PoseThis posture of the butterfly is particularly comfortable and promotes good breathing. It not only improves the circulation in the pelvis , but it relaxes the whole body. While sitting, back straight , legs stretched . Bring your legs towards you ; take your feet in both hands and glue them ( whenever possible) on your buttocks. Close your eyes and stay in this posture for bout 10 minutes and breaths regularly.

The half- candle

Viparita Karani asana

The posture of the half- candle is total relaxation for your body posture , in addition to relieving back pain, This posture let you beat your stress and anxiety . Lay on floor on your back while facing towards the wall,  press down your back firmly on the shoulders and head on the floor. Let your arms alongside your body. Raise your legs up the wall , and make sure to calibrate your butt against the wall keep a pillow under your butts if you feel difficulty. Stay in this posture for bout 10 minutes and breaths regularly. But you can stay in this position as long as you want.


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