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5 Benefits of thyme on your health and beauty

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The thyme is very appreciated for its unique flavors that its added to our dishes. But this little green grass also has huge health benefits.

Thyme is good for treating bronchitis and has a strong anxiolytic power.

Here are 5 benefits of Thyme – the incredible plant :

Benefits of Thyme

1- It acts against hair loss

Thyme is believed to have beneficial effects on the regrowth of hair after alopecia areata. It also eliminates Dandruff.


Add 2 drops of thyme essential oil directly into your shampoo and wash your hair with it.

Otherwise, in an empty bottle, mix 6 drops of lavender essential oil, 6 drops of thyme essential oil and 100 ml of almond vegetable oil.

Massage your scalp with this mixture and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing your hair.

2- It acts against anxiety

Carvacrol, one of the components of thyme, has relaxing effects, which can have a positive effect on people suffering from anxiety.


Infuse 2 g of dried thyme in 150 ml of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink several cups a day, as needed.

3- It treats bronchitis

Thyme is often used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Some studies have shown that it has a very positive effect on the thinning of bronchial secretions and the relief of coughing.


To relieve yourself, add 2 tablespoons thyme in a pan of boiling water and place your head over it, covering yourself with a towel. Breathe gently for a few minutes.

4- It acts against the dental plaque

Thyme contains thymol which has very beneficial effects on the health of our mouth, in particular it fight against the bacteria which cause gingivitis.


Instead of your regular mouthwash, infuse 5g of thyme in 100ml of boiling water for 10 minutes. Filter the mixture and let cool. Rinse your mouth with this concoction.

5- It relieves cutaneous inflammations

Thyme has remarkable antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory which makes it an effective remedy for all kinds of skin problems. With the same concoction prepared above, apply on the concerned areas.

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