5 yoga postures to cure Ovarian Cysts (PCOS)

Common symptoms of Ovarian Cysts (PCOS)

The most common symptom of PCOS is irregular menstrual cycles. Other important symptoms range from abnormal facial hair to infertility. Women can also suffer from problems such as miscarriage, hormonal imbalances and blood sugar due to PCOS. The symptoms usually occur that most often do not need your immediate action  but problems in fertility, irregular or no menstruation, frequent alarming / hair loss, acne (especially after the age of 25), hair growth heavy on the face, belly, back and arms legs, sudden weight gain and frequent sway of mood.

Yoga Therapy For PCOS

Yoga, the ultimate body miracle, is an effective treatment for the management of ovarian cysts. Practicing some special postures can also prevent the formation of these cysts. Yoga unlike other drugs works on the root cause of problems rather than treating the symptoms.
Without a doubt, yoga is practiced almost everywhere in the world for its abilities to fight against stress. The combination of breathing and yoga Postures works on the body and mind to make the body free of many diseases.

Top 5 yoga postures for PCOS

1- Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

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Sun Salutation includes 12 asanas that, together, rejuvenate the mind, increase flexibility, cure hormonal imbalance and help to lose weight.

2- Alternate Nostrils breathing

Alternate Nostrils breathing

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This posture detoxifies the internal organs and releases in three moods of the human body.

3- The Butterfly Pose

the butterfl pose

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The butterfly pose opens and relaxes the pelvic area. This yoga asana is very effective in treating the discomfort of the menstrual cycle.

4- Moving the grinding wheel

Moving the grinding wheel

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This pose also helps to open the pelvic and helps the balanced secretion of the female hormone.

5- Lotus Pose and blowing in firm pose

Lotus pose

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Sitting in the Lotus pose and performing the breathing exercises by blowing firmly is good for the hormonal balance in the body. Perform this early in the morning to fresh air for maximum benefits.

Balanced diet

In addition to practice regular exercise and practicing yoga regularly, it is also important for women to eat balanced and nutritious diet. You should take more essential vitamins such as B6 to control PCOS and B3 & B5 to control weight problems. In fact, it is always advisable even for a healthy person with high caloric content to avoid high sugar foods. Include freshly cut fruits and vegetables in your daily diet for your overall health.
Please note: It is strongly suggested you to take professional help for yoga poses, under the guidance of certified trainers. Also, avoid high pressures on the abdomen while doing certain yoga poses. Practice these poses with a relaxed and calm mind to make the most of them.

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