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9 Tips for your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss - Healthy Organic Lifestyle

9 Tips for your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

What is Gut Bacteria?

There are over 100 trillion of Gut bacteria and intestinal flora are quietly enjoying at nighttime in our gut. Them play vital part in the healthy physique of every human being. However, we do not pay them any attention, assume nothing about their well-being, and don’t even ponder them as part of our physique, solely a passenger alongside for the journey. researches has been made and now evaluated that changes in these gut bacteria are the host to various illnesses which are the main reason for weight issues.

Gut bacteria and Weight Loss

Nowadays researches shows that there is a link between gut health and weight loss. Our digestive system is controlled by  gut flora. While digestion excess energy can cause weight gain.
Modification in your gut bacteria will alter the way your body produces and metabolizes energy, this energy can become fat.
However, we only pay attention to exercise and diet while reducing weight and forget the microbes that process the food in our digestive system.
After researches it appears that gut bacteria makes some of us weak to weight gain and that a person’s weight may be partially linked with the composition of their gut flora. It moreover implies that weight-reduction plan may be pointless for most of us  till the gut bacteria is modified.
Researchers have found that the micro organism in our gut adapt our dietary routine. A diet stuffed with saturated fat will encourage the growth of micro organism which may be increased development of fat.  (1) and also we are what we eat. (2)

Strategies to Modify Gut Bacteria for weight loss

1. Sweat, Sweat and Sweat
It is clear that health of our most of the organs depends upon exercise. Then what about gut bacteria? Consider your gut bacteria as one of your virtual organs, then definitely if you exercise it will improve it too?
Researches have confirmed that exercise promotes the biodiversity of your intestine flora (3) Concerning your weight loss, regular exercise burns amount fat and promote well-being of your gut flora.
2. Consume Raw Vegetables & Fruits
Raw vegetables and fruits are loaded with all the beneficial minerals and nutritional vitamins that is good for healthy bacteria.  Healthy bacteria prefer the fiber, hence; it should be present in your primary meals to promote healthy gut flora. Mostly green leafy vegetables together with beans and legumes contains more fiber, so consume them it will also detox unhealthy bacteria from body.
Apples, artichokes, and blueberries are rich in fiber .
3. Sleep Well
Researches  has confirmed that sleep plays important role on the composition of gut bacteria. Depriving your sleep for 2 consecutive nights considerably reduces 50% of  certain microbes . (4)  And gut flora after 02 nights resembles with the gut flora of obese person.
Lack of sleep has greater impact on weight gain. Causes are not being identified yet nut it is understood that seven to eight hours sleep promotes reduction in weight.

04.  Eat Fermented food

Eat more and more Fermented foods. They act like probiotic. Fermented food that are perhaps good for your intestines are yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha, and kefir. Studies have confirmed the increased level of desirable lactobacilli and decrease in Enterobacteriaceae bacteria in the people who consumed these Fermented food on daily basis..
Avoid flavored yogurt as it contains sugar which is not good for gut flora.
5. Eliminate Processed Foods for better healthy gut flora
Consumption of Sugar and any processed food is harmful for our healthy specially for our gut flora. We often consume it for quick source for energy but in long run these processed foods are actually ruining health of our gut flora. They actually don’t do any thing.
Infact, studies show that such processed  foods can change gut bacteria which further led to weight increase and gut disease. (5)
6. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dirt
We are already convinced that all bacteria are bad and including the one found in dirt, therefore, sometimes sterilizing everything may work against us.
A study that have been published in the Pediatrics Journal revealed that children whose parents cleaned their pacifiers by sucking them instead of boiling them were less likely to have eczema.
The point is that sterile environments do not promote biodiversity of gut bacteria.
Clean is fine. Super clean is not.
7. Release your Stress Levels to improve your gut flora
Some level of Stress is sometimes good for you because when you stressed your body it releases certain natural steroids and  adrenaline so that you get boost in your power  to get away from some crazy stuff.
However, prolonged episodes of stress may modify your gut bacteria and can attributes in increase in certain infections. (6)
Meditate everyday to release your stress.
8. Eliminate antibiotics where possible.
Antibiotics are the greatest gift of medical industry. Antibiotics cured those diseases easily which may cause unnecessary deaths. But, besides these miraculous benefits antibiotics has its disadvantages too. Since they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, they kills all bacteria including good bacteria and can leave your gut flora barren.
9. Avoid Red Meat and Other Animal Products
A study done by Nature revealed that eating large quantities of animal products promotes the higher growth of bacteria that can cause bile which further lead to heart disease. When you eat large amounts of animal fats it force your body to produce higher amounts of bile which promotes Bilophila that means more bile more biophilia and more biophilia leads to increased cases of inflammation in your gut.(7) Moreover, these farm animals are regularly injected with antibiotics to increase yield. As already mentioned earlier, these antibiotics can be devastating for your gut bacteria in long run.


  • Eat foods that are fermented such as Yogurt
  • Include probiotic supplements in your diet
  • Vary your diet routine regularly
  • Take seven to eight hours sleep and exercise on daily basis or go for brisk walk for atleast 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Eat synthetic sweeteners
  • Eat Nonorganic red meat
  • Consume alot of  antibiotics
  • Use antibacterial soap
  • Eat processed food

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