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Benefits of Garlic for Healthy Lifestyle- Healthy Organic Lifestyle
benefits of garlic

Garlic Benefits – Your Secret Weapon For Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits of Garlic are numerous. Garlic has the effects of a broad-spectrum antibiotic, killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds, it is a natural ally for health.

You may not know it, but garlic is a food not to neglect if you want to stay in shape: it has various health and slimming benefits! Moderate consumption of garlic is beneficial for an iron health and a pretty figure.

Health benefits of Garlic

1. Garlic, a natural antibiotic!

Recent studies have shown that garlic compounds can kill 60 species of fungi and more than 20 types of bacteria, including helicobacter pylori (responsible for stomach ulcers), staphylococcus aureus and pneumococcus. responsible for pneumonia (Source).

2 cloves of raw garlic or 4 cooked / day on 2 to 3 times, crushed or chopped, to swallow with a sip of water until complete healing.

 2. Benefits of Garlic to Cure Acne

Slice raw garlic clove and apply it on acne breakouts as a home remedy. Even though the smell is not pleasant, the antibacterial properties of garlic will reduce the appearance of acne, in addition to accelerating healing.  

3. For good digestion, use garlic

Consume garlic regularly, garlic gives good intestinal health because it kills harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of a beneficial intestinal flora, making digestion more free and easy.  

4. Cure ear infections

This folk remedy has been around for centuries, and garlic kills bacteria that cause ear infections. Crush a clove of garlic, and place it in a teaspoon of hot olive oil for five minutes. Drain it, let it cool and pour a few drops into the ear canal. You can also buy garlic oil at health food stores.

5. Benefits of Garlic – To melt unsightly bulges

Garlic for Weight Loss

Even though its powerful flavor and special smell does not make you want to eat it, garlic does have some properties for weight loss, according to some research. Indeed, some elements present in the garlic send signals of satiety to the brain, which will help you to eat less. It also boosts metabolic function to help you burn more calories.

6. To heal the athlete’s foot

Garlic is a powerful natural antifungal, which makes it ideal for treating fungal infections like athlete’s foot, irritation and itching. Add a few crushed garlic cloves in hot water and soak your feet in this bath for 30 minutes.

7. An effective cough syrup

Put chopped garlic in hot water and drink this liquid as tea. It helps to relieve inflammation of the throat and dissipates excess mucus. You can add ginger or honey to make the liquid more pleasant.

8. Protection against colds

Garlic has been used for centuries to heal and naturally prevent colds. The researchers believe that garlic allicin, which is main biologically active ingredient in garlic, blocks bacterial and viral infections. But to benefit from it, you must eat three to four cloves of garlic a day, preferably raw and crushed, adding them to your meals.

9. Beauty Benefits of Garlic | Anti hair loss

Garlic oil used in scalp massage stops hair loss and stimulates their growth.

10. Garlic an aphrodisiac

Garlic facilitates the circulation of blood in the limbs. This explains, that it has been used as an aphrodisiac. It could even promote the sexual stamina of the man.

11. Garlic pays attention to your tension

Other studies have shown that garlic reduces blood pressure by about 10%. It would also reduce atherosclerosis (accumulation of fat on the artery wall) by decreasing the volume of cholesterol plaques and imparting better elasticity to the heart aorta after 50 years.

2 cloves of garlic raw or 4 cooked / day on 2 to 3 times, crushed or chopped to swallow with a sip of water, for life.

While the taste of raw garlic is unpleasant, it certainly gives a foul breath, but these disadvantages will they prevent you from using it for your well-being? Especially since these defects can be bypassed.

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