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How to understand our Ovulation Cycle -in a natural way? - Healthy Organic Lifestyle

How to understand our Ovulation Cycle -in a natural way?

To know when you are ovulating while listening to your body is possible! today we will learn to detect the signs of our ovulation cycle.
During ovulation, your body sends you signals to detect this fertile period. We will explain you how to listen to your body and identify signs of ovulation with sympto-thermal method with multiple indices.

What is the sympto-thermal method with multiple indices?

It is a family planning method, allowing you to understand your ovulation cycle and spot your ovulation in a totally natural way, just by listening to your body. It determines the best time to have a baby or contraceptive method can be used. If this method is very effective, it requires really reliable training in order to learn to spot the signals of the body.

Know if you are ovulating: by calculating your fertility period in relation to the date of the last period

A normal cycle lasts 28 days and usually, ovulation takes place on the 14th day. The most favorable period for fertilization occurs 4 days before ovulation and one day later, between the 10th and 15th days of the cycle. Note that all women do not ovulate systematically during each menstrual cycle. The signs will allow to become aware of your ovulation in a natural way.

Know if you are ovulating: by observing your cervical mucus

Cervical Mucus
As ovulation approaches, the cervical mucus becomes sharper and more transparent. You can see this elasticity by touching with your fingers. The day when the woman observes this feeling of wetness is the day when fertility is at highest.

Know if you are ovulating: being vigilant at your cervix

Cervix during Ovulation
During the period of ovulation, the cervix, previously closed and located in the lower vagina, rises to position in the upper vagina and become soft.

To know if we ovulate: by checking our body temperature increases

This is a misleading sign because usually, the body temperature increases once ovulation has passed, thanks to the increased level of progesterone. This method allows more to detect whether ovulation has occurred or not.

Know if you are ovulating: paying attention to your chest

Tension in the breasts can also appear. Increase in size, heaviness, tingling, nipples that scratch or sensitivity, the symptoms are numerous and represent signs of ovulation in women.

Knowing if you are ovulating: feeling pain

Although there is ovarian pain in some women during the ovulation period, similar to breast tenderness.
Now you have all the keys to discover your ovulation in a natural way, just by listening to your body and increase your fertility!

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