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It is important to drink water. Drinking 8 glasses of water during the day is therefore recommended to maintain optimal hydration. But do you know that a large part of the population is dehydrated, without even knowing it, and spend the day working, going from right to left without taking the time to drink required quantity of water.

Main benefits of drinking fruit infused water is to stay hydrated. You think it’s obvious, 

Why the body must stay hydrated?

The circulation of nutrients and oxygen in your body will be much better. Reduces organ fatigue and improves their functioning.

Your joints are better lubricated, which helps reduce joint pain

The skin will be softer and more flexible, giving you a younger look

Your muscles will be more energetic, ideal for people practicing sports.

Water helps to keep the body at an optimal temperature, (in winter when you are cold and in summer when you are hot). Taking drugs, sports, coffee, alcohol dehydrate your body. Drinking water frequently helps to prevent this

Water infused with fruits, vegetables, herbs or other tends to increase your water consumption, why?

It’s simple, many people do not drink enough because the taste of water seems bland, so not very attractive in terms of taste. But with fruit infused water, you can vary the tastes. The only limit is your imagination.

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Light Weight, Functional and Easy to Carry With Fruit Infuser, leak-proof design, no leakage, non-toxic and tasteless!


Tritan, high temperature, non-toxic, harmless.




32oz / 1000ml


275g (with box)


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