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Recipes and remedies from Grandmother to lose weight quickly - Healthy Organic Lifestyle

Recipes and remedies from Grandmother to lose weight quickly

When we want to lose weight quickly, we are often looking for the slightest trick that could make us lose some sizes or extra pounds. So, why not turn to Grand mother’s remedy for losing weight? We will agree that it is not easy to verify the effectiveness of each of the solutions proposed below but for some of you, it will play its small role in weight loss so why not to give a try. Having a balanced diet and practicing sports are obviously the pillars for loosing weight but it will not cost you much to try a grandmother recipes and remedies to lose weight faster or easier.

How to loose weight fast?

1. Nettle leaves tea

Boiling 1 handful of nettle leaves in 500 ml of water would be an excellent slimming tea to burn fat. 

2. Drink lemon water all day

This grandma’s trick is one of the simplest to set up. Simply squeeze 1/2 lemon into 1 liter of water and drink this beverage all day. You can drink up to 2 liters per day and enjoy the benefits of lemon. Lemon detox, diuretic and its rich in vitamin C … in short, it has several benefits.

3. Belly wrap

In the past in order to lose some extra inches from stomach some women wrapped their belly at night with a dry cloth where they slipped leaves of green cabbage. Cabbage is well known for its diuretic properties, it is also the major component of the cabbage soup diet. It does not seem to be the most practical recipe to lose belly but it has the merit of originality.

4. The virtues of Apple cider vinegar

If the grandma’s tip above can leave you skeptical then apple cider vinegar is a slimming ally not to neglect. You can drink a teaspoon before each meal or dilute it in a bottle of water to hydrate and boost your metabolism. Be aware that the taste will not please everyone in that case you can opt for lemon water.

5. To brush your teeth after eating

Here is an old recipe of grandmother to lose weight by avoiding to feel the cravings. This assumes that the taste of our food stays in our mouth if we do not brush our teeth after a meal, which may make you want to serve again in the afternoon or in the evening if the dish you had tasted you liked it.

6. A grandmother’s remedy for slimming thighs

Losing one area of ​​the body more than another will be difficult. On the other hand, one can refine domestically by playing on the elasticity of the skin. That’s what our grown-ups did by massaging their thighs with coffee grounds. It was a cheap way to have an exfoliate to moisturize the skin and so refine your thighs.

7. The ginger infusion

Here is another recipe of grandma to lose weight by cutting a little appetite. For this, just peel a little ginger and let it diffuse in boiling water that you drink once the temperature drops.

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