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Uterine fibroids: their effects on fertility - Healthy Organic Lifestyle

Uterine fibroids: their effects on fertility

What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine Fibroids are very common benign tumors that can cause fertility problems in women, depending on their location and size.
Fibroids are very common benign tumors located in the uterus and consist of muscle tissue, which affect between two to four women in ten. The symptoms and treatment depend on their size and location. In some cases, it will not be necessary to intervene surgically but in others, it will be recommended to eliminate them by surgery in order to stop the symptoms and allow pregnancy.
The presence of fibroids increases with age and varies by ethnicity. It is most common among African women, they are present for a large majority of them.

Main types of Uterine Fibroids

There are three types of fibroids: those found outside the uterus (Subserosal), those located in the wall of the uterus (Intramural) and those in the uterine cavity (Submucosal). The latter generate a greater number of symptoms because, being in contact with the endometrium, they can cause menstrual alterations (heavy periods or losses outside the cycle) that can be derived to anemia.
Submucosal fibroids can also prevent pregnancy because they can sometimes make it difficult to implant the embryo and cause spontaneous abortions. For this reason and also because of the annoyances they cause, it is always recommended to remove them when they have been diagnosed, especially among women who wish to have a child.

Minimally invasive surgery

The submucosal fibroids are easily extracted by minimally invasive surgery. The intervention is done vaginally, by means of a hysteroscopy. This is an intervention that does not require hospitalization.
In any case, the actions to be applied for each woman will depend on the opinion of the gynecologist and its symptoms.

How to treat Fibroid naturally?

  • To fight a fibroid, pay close attention to nutrition!
  • Improve your nutrition by avoiding meat proteins (replace them with vegetable proteins)
  • Consume fresh vegetable juice at least twice a day,
  • Consume fresh garlic, 4 cloves per day chopped or crushed for more efficiency (mixed with vegetable juice,
  • Add fiber to all meals, reduce alcohol and coffee.
  • Take a diet rich in fruits, dark leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, cold water and deep-sea fish, such as salmon and tuna.
  • Foods that are not recommended for  Women with fibroids should reduce or eliminate from their diet red meat, dairy products, eggs, wheat and gluten, soy, alcohol and foods high in sugar, caffeine and saturated fat.
  • Use detox plants … Plants such as milk thistle, chasteberry (Vitex), burdock, yellow dock, red clover and artichoke help to detox liver, balance hormones, and reduce excess estrogen and inflammation.

Home Remedies to cure Uterine Fibroids with aloe vera

Aloe Vera and Beet Root juice

  • All you need to do is to mix ¼ cup of aloe vera juice with 1 cup of beet root juice in a glass.
  • Add some lemon juice and 1-2 tablespoons of un-sulfured blackstrap molasses.
  • Pour enough water to fill a glass.
  • This mixture helps shrink fibroids.

Remedy no. 02

Another cure for uterine fibroids is to remove the green part of an aloe vera leaf .
Cut it into a small piece in the form of suppository than insert it into the vagina before bed .
Perform this treatment every other week until the fibroid disappears (Take a break during the period)

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